How TBT Barter works for Wholesalers

The Problem:

Slow moving merchandise

Wholesalers, have slower moving merchandise or need room for new models? There is no need for discounting or liquidating.

The Solution:

Wholesalers trade at retail pricing

Manufacturers and wholesalers are in a perfect position for trade. Excess runs and merchandise lots can be sold at retail pricing instead of at wholesale rates on trade. Bigger profits mean greater purchasing power.

Let’s use these examples to show you how the leverage of trade can work.

  • Cost of manufacturing = $2.00
  • Sale to distributors = $3.00
  • Distributor sells at retail $5.00
  • Distributors profit = $2.00
  • Your profit = $1.00
With TBT Barter
  • Cost of manufacturing = $2.00
  • Sale to TBT Members at retail = $5.00
  • Your profit = $3.00

Now you need an electrician to make repairs at your facility, the job is $500. trade. Your cost is $200. The additional $300 was pure profit from new business brought to you by TBT Barter! You are now obtaining the goods and services you need on trade at your cost!

Contact TBT Barter today and let us know what you have to trade!