How TBT Barter works for Retail Stores

The Problem:

Retail Stores need customers and have excess inventory

Retail stores rely on a constant influx of customers, returning customers, and especially new customers. Competition and excess inventory mean money out of their pockets.

The Solution:

TBT Barter gives retail stores a competitive advantage

First, customers, that would otherwise be patronizing your competitors, are driven in through your doors by the TBT Barter Brokers.

Second, retail stores have the ability to earn full value for their merchandise instead of reducing the price of slower moving items just to make sales.

Third, retail stores trading excess inventory, merchandise no longer becomes stagnant, taking up valuable space on their shelves collecting dust. Retail stores can turn over inventory quicker thereby making room for the latest trends and offerings from their wholesalers!

Additionally, purchasing at wholesale prices, and selling at retail prices on trade gives retail stores a great margin! Imagine purchasing the goods and services you need at your cost! This is the leverage of trade!

It pays to trade with TBT Barter! If you have slower moving merchandise or need more customers don’t waste any more time, call us today.