How TBT Barter works for Property Owners

The Problem:

Unrented is a loss of revenue

Do you have a vacation home that sits empty or one that you rent out but you have difficulty filling every week? TBT Barter’s large network of business owners can be an alternate source of revenue for rental property owners. Every week at your property that goes unrented is a loss of revenue and TBT Barter Members love to travel! In fact, many of them have the ability to and sometimes prefer traveling in the shoulder seasons.

The Solution:

Trade empty weeks for things you need

By earning trade dollars for what would otherwise be empty weeks, you now have the full dollar value of the weekly rentals to spend on things you need like repairs, furniture, bedding or even a vacation getaway of your own to someplace you’ve never been! Consequently, our renters are usually mature, responsible business owners traveling with their families as opposed to younger party-going types. You can be assured that you have responsible people in your rental home.

Stop losing revenue and start filling those empty weeks with TBT Barter!