How TBT Barter works for Limousines

The Problem:

Limousines sitting idle aren't making money

If you own limousines then you know that when your cars are sitting on the lot idle, you are not earning revenue and neither are your drivers. TBT Barter is great at bringing you new customers for airport runs, nights out on the town, and special occasions where town cars and limos are needed. Our business owners love to travel and often need transportation. We direct these customers to you so that you can help keep more cars on the road and your drivers happy.

The Solution:

TBT Barter keeps money in your pockets

TBT members always pay the gratuity to the drivers and the tolls in cash; you are trading the trip charge at your regular hourly rate. The trip charge minus the cost of fuel and what you pay the driver leaves you with a nice profit margin. Your fixed expenses such as leases, insurance, utilities, etc. cannot be factored into trade deals, because you have to pay those things regardless of whether you have a barter transaction or not. Your profit margin then becomes leverage to purchase the goods and services you need.

Limo companies that accept TBT Barter as payment can protect their cash flow by using trade dollars for purchasing vehicle maintenance, detailing services, advertising, marketing, tradeshow space, website services and tuxedos etc. Imagine having a mechanic on trade just to handle the oil changes for your fleet of vehicles! This is the kind of savings you can experience with TBT Barter.