How TBT Barter works for Cleaning Services

The Problem:

Cleaning Services need clients

Whether your cleaning services include carpets, windows, homes, offices or cars, you have a service that is easily traded! Your revenue is directly based on how many appointments you can schedule. We all know that most cleaning service companies tend to get much busier around the holidays and taper off during other times. Empty appointment slots in your calendar means a loss of revenue. How many open appointment times are on your calendar each day, week, month, and year? You could be losing thousands of dollars.

The Solution:

TBT Barter finds you clients

TBT Barter finds new customers that need cleaning services and brings the business to you instead of your competitor! This additional revenue stream can open up an advertising budget, or be used to offset other business related expenses. Would you rather write a check for $1,000 for something you need, or pay with $1,000 worth of your cleaning service from the new business we find you? The answer should be very clear. Bartering makes perfect sense.

Contact a TBT Barter representative today and start gaining new clients!