How TBT Barter works for Beauty Salons & Spas

The Problem:

Beauty Salons & Spas have open chairs and massage tables

The last thing beauty salons & spas want to see are open chairs and massage tables. Empty time slots mean zero dollars for that appointment time. TBT Barter can provide you with new customers to fill those otherwise empty slots and turn that capacity into purchasing power! This is critical especially for start-ups who are trying to build their clientele. The trade revenue that you can acquire for your downtime can then be used to purchase advertising, marketing, and other business essentials and keep you from having to write checks for these types of expenditures.

The Solution:

TBT Barter fills your appointment book and saves you money

If you haven’t figured out how much empty time slots are costing you, consider this…. just one unfilled time slot per day at an average retail rate of $75 is over $25K of lost revenue annually. This 25K could open up an advertising budget for you! Why write checks for advertising when you can pay with trade from the new business we can send you? Call us today to start a strategic bartering plan for your salon, spa or massage business!