How TBT Barter works for Accommodations

The Problem:

Unoccupied Accommodations​

Every motel, hotel, and bed & breakfast will have accommodations that go unoccupied at some point during the week, month and year. A simple 20% occupancy rate can equate to thousands of lost dollars in revenue each year!

The Solution:

TBT Barter fills rooms

TBT Barter is here to help you fill those otherwise empty rooms at full retail value. No longer is there a need to discount your room rate on various social media coupon websites, thereby devaluing your brand. TBT barter will bring you new customers at your regular rate on trade. Your cost to fill these extra rooms is just a few pennies on the dollar as you are already employing staff to operate the facility and paying the utilities whether you have all the rooms filled or just 80% of them.

Spending trade for your facility is easy. Trade can be used for advertising to generate more cash sales, contractor services to make renovations and repairs, pest controls services, cleaning supplies, etc.! If you have empty accommodations, you should definitely implement the TBT Barter solutions as part of your marketing strategy.​