Barter vs Daily Deal Sites!

– Brett Soper
Vice President, TBT Barter

Every single day we get emails from 2 of the large daily deal sites filled with local business deals and discounts and more. They are awesome! We get to go to a restaurant or go do something fun with the family for a huge percentage off. Again it is awesome! But for a business there might be a better option then these sites, one being barter. Below are a few thoughts.

Warning: We are a barter company (TBT Barter Company…… If you own a business, you should definitely check us out) so we are 1,000,000% bias on this.

One benefit of these daily deal sites is new and more business. That is something that we all want and need, but at what cost? In order to bring in this new business, these daily deal sites offer a discount. Right off the bat you are devaluing your product or service to these new clients. In our opinion (see warning above) not the best way to introduce your business to the local area. Oh wait, let’s not forget that these sites take a percentage of every sale you make. So not only are you losing profit on the discount, you are losing even more when you pay the site.

I ask you all to be honest here… How often do you get repeat business when there is no coupon involved? From our personal experience, we have used these sites many times, and we hate to admit it but I cannot remember a time that we ever went back. We have always had great experiences but just never went back without the deal. Our guess is that is the majority of businesses that use these sites, rarely see repeat business.

Now let’s take a look at using TBT Barter Company to get new business. Every time you sell your product or service to through TBT Barter Company, it is to a brand new client. Someone you have absolutely never done business with before. Something the daily deal sites cannot guarantee. Selling a discounted rate… Yeah, that doesn’t happen at a barter company. When selling your product or service though us, you are selling at full retail value. Oh and yeah there aren’t any fees to sell to a client through our system either. Finally repeat business is inevitable. You are selling to business owners who know the value of your product or service. If you do a good job for them, they will most likely come back.

We are not saying that these sites do not provide value. We are just saying that barter could be a better option for growing and marketing your business!

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TBT Barter Exchange is a great way to expand your options on everyday products. Their customer service is second to none, and I personally have had the best success using my trade credits on services that are a little more extravagant than my normal tastes or habits. A great way to justify spoiling yourself!! 5 stars all the way.
Josh SmargiassiPresidentBoomerang Office Furniture6950 Sherman Ln, Pennsauken Township, NJ 08110

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TBT Barter Testimonials

Smart business owners use barter! It allows us to purchase what we need and pay for it with additional barter business – from customers, we wouldn’t have had. It keeps a healthy busy flow throughout the year not just during the peak seasons. For me, it has opened the possibilities for other activities (business dinners, incentives, fresh flowers for the front desk, gifts & networking) for myself, family, friends & my employees that otherwise would not be possible! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
S. KovlakMassage Therapist