TBT Barter Company’s 3 Main Reasons to Barter!

– Brett Soper
Vice President, TBT Barter

There are many reasons why companies take advantage of bartering but to us, these are the 3 main reasons why.

  1. Move Excess Inventory– 99% of businesses are not operating at full 100% capacity. By that, we mean most businesses have some kind of excess inventory, space, appointment time, etc. That excess going unused is wasted revenue. Bartering allows you to move that excess at the full retail value to a brand new client, making your business more efficient.
  2. Saving Cash – These first 2 reasons go hand in hand. That extra revenue that you receive from bartering your excess can turn into something that you need or want for your business with no cash involved. Instead of a business owner spending cash on business expenses (printing, signs, tee shirts, employee sales incentives, etc.) or personal expenses (vacations, limo services, party rentals, etc.), they can use their barter account keeping that cash in their bank account.
  3. Networking – TBT Barter Company is exclusive to business owners. These are mostly small business owners that know the power of networking and word of mouth. Bartering with these business owners can lead to referrals and cash business.

TBT Barter Company is one of the largest and fastest growing barter companies in the Greater Philadelphia area! If you happen to own a business in the South Jersey or Philadelphia area, we would love the opportunity to work with you. Below is all of our contact information and a link to our YouTube video that shows how our company works.

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TBT Barter Testimonials

Barter with TBT has provided my business with the flexibility to manage any business need, while expanding my customer base further into the non-barter world.  I haven’t found a better group of dynamic, creative brokers and exchange members than the ones at TBT – they’ve brought serious value to my business.    
Jennifer JenningsOwner, LMT, CHT, PDCAbsolute Heaven203 S White Horse Pike Waterford Works, NJ 08089

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TBT Barter Testimonials

I really enjoy working with Brett Soper and TBT Barter, not only does it make sense from a business perspective, it makes life easier, like having a concierge whenever you need something, Brett is able to pull through with a wide range of network and great relationships. As a busy mom and business owner, this is golden! Not only have I already been able to set up some great “bartering ” but fantastic networking for my business that I never would have come across had I not joined. I could not be…
Valerie SandersOwnerHaute Mama Women’s Clothing Shop35 East Main Street, # 7, Marlton, New Jersey 08053