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The TBT Barter Story

TBT Barter Company was founded in the summer of 2008 by Michael Finnegan. Michael who at the time had over 10 years of experience in the barter industry realized that Philadelphia and South Jersey area had no local barter exchange options. Making cold calls out of his small home office, on August 14th, 2008, TBT signed its first member, a bed and breakfast in Cape May NJ who still trades with TBT Today. One by one he continued to grow the company and with the help of other employees, TBT Barter boasts hundreds of members in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas.

Now based in Cherry Hill NJ, TBT has 5 employees (as well as 2 dog mascots) and has become one of the largest, most respected, and fastest growing barter companies on the East Coast. Working with hundreds of businesses to offset their business and personal expenses as well as moving their excess inventory, time, space, etc. to new customers. Our goal is to help small businesses grow, become more efficient and increase their cash flow – all through Barter.


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TBT Barter Difference:

TBT Barter is Always Growing:

TBT Barter’s Goal is to always add new members to the exchange. We realize that in order for barter exchanges to succeed and to keep members happy, TBT MUST ALWAYS BE GROWING. We consistently add 10-20 new members per month and that will continue to grow.

TBT Barter is Your Local Barter Company:

We see it all the time. A business signs up with a barter company that claims to be national and have thousands of businesses around the country. That does sound great, but unfortunately, an exchange having a dry cleaner in San Diego, cannot help you here in South Jersey and Philadelphia. TBT Barter is YOUR LOCAL BARTER COMPANY. We are family owned and operated in Cherry Hill NJ. TBT Barter works with the local businesses that you can use every day for your personal life and business.

TBT Barter Practices Fair Barter:

The first issue that you will hear about other local barter companies it that all products and services are inflated in pricing. This is great for that barter company but it kills the members. TBT works hard to stay involved in every deal done between members. We make sure that all deals go through smoothly and the prices ARE NOT inflated. Because of this, TBT members respect their TBT Barter Dollars.

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TBT Barter Testimonials

Barter with TBT has provided my business with the flexibility to manage any business need, while expanding my customer base further into the non-barter world.  I haven’t found a better group of dynamic, creative brokers and exchange members than the ones at TBT – they’ve brought serious value to my business.    
Jennifer JenningsOwner, LMT, CHT, PDCAbsolute Heaven203 S White Horse Pike Waterford Works, NJ 08089


Small Businesses in the US usIng barter


Corporations on the NYSE involved in bartering


Barter accounts for 30% of the world’s total business

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TBT Barter Testimonials

TBT has helped South Jersey ProWash grow in ways we would of never thought in the past few years. We have experienced many different options of marketing and advertising strategies throughout the years. We are a southern Jersey pressure washing company that spends little to nothing on advertising. We really weren’t sure of the bartering due to never having experienced it before. However, our first experience after signing up with TBT was better than any advertising we have ever done. The first…
B. KeplerOwnerSouth Jersey Pro Wash